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Client Success Story

Royale Orchid Tours

An established Travel & Tour company struggled with customer communications and logistics while on guided tours until they reached out to Alro to build a cross-platform mobile application to improve both customer satisfaction and operator efficiency.


Royale Orchid Tours & Holidays is a travel and tourism company that has been in operation for 9 years. They specialize in Canada outbound tours for group travelers, catering to pilgrim and leisure travelers from throughout North America. The company is owned by Brian Andrade, who also serves as the Tour Manager and has 5 employees in total.

The Challenge

One of the major pain points for the company was the challenge of carrying or renting whisper sets for guided tours – they were difficult to manage, and customers would tend to lose them or damage from dropping. They tried to solve this issue by purchasing their own bluetooth devices, but over time, it was difficult to carry and maintain them as well.

From an operator stand-point, it was a drain on resources and expenses.

For over 2 years they searched for a more sustainable and suitable solution before eventually coming to Alro with their ideas and needs.

The Solution

Alro proposed creating a custom cross-platform mobile application to replicate the whisper sets functions as well as form an all-in-one solution for communicating important tour information such as daily activity schedules and real-time updates for their customers while on tour.

The solution included an update for their current website to help market their tours better, making a much needed improvement for customers in a post-covid situation.

Back-office functionality was also constructed to connect customers and on-tour speaking guides with app usage accounts. As their target customers tended to be more mature, additional functionality was built to solve issues where customers forgot their account login information and could be given auto-generated tour codes to quickly login and access tour guide audio.


The website was an immediate success upon relaunch with a noticeable uptick in new customer inquiries. Creating new tours on the site was now more streamlined and freed up valueable employee time to focus more on customer interactions.

The mobile app took some time to get used to for all involved but 6 months on and as tours start to ramp up post-covid, the feedback to date has been genuinely positive – the on-demand tour audio system was a great success on European-based trips. Limited success was found in the Middle Eastern portions though due to Data Network issues which was to be somewhat expected.

All in all, Royale Orchid is pleased with the results so far and appreciate the prompt responses from Alro on their questions and technical needs as they arise – there have been a few!