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Client Success Story


After almost 5 years of frustration in working with various freelance developers and still no closer to a working website, Labeltown approached us to see if we could help.


Cody Kachmar is the GM of SabrePak LTD., a wholesale, importing, and manufacturing company based in Toronto, Canada. The company division, Labeltown, has been in business for 40 years, supporting the wholesale, importing and manufacturing markets with shipping supplies, warehouse packaging, eCommerce packaging and industrial products.

The company employs over 30 people with annual revenues of $5M and they were looking to expand their business via eCommerce in the hopes of modernizing their offerings.

The Challenge

Labeltown had been facing the challenge of reaching out to the online market for around 5 years. Their business model has always been to sell through distribution, however there was a realization that the landscape was changing and market opportunities were being missed of those who prefer to source online.

The team at Labeltown needed a complex WordPress eCommerce website built to their expectations that was easy to maintain internally and they needed it fast.

They had attempted other solutions before coming to Alro, but unfortunately these previous providers had not lived up to their promises and with the support being offshore, significant language barriers persisted amongst other communication breakdowns. They were frustrated and no closer to moving on with their plans than when they started.

The Solution

Labeltown turned to Alro for a solution to their online market challenges.

A complete audit & assessment was performed to make sure everyone was on the same page and set the communication foundation from the get-go, helping Labeltown mainstream their information and get an organized approach to presenting their 1200+ products and services.

From there, Alro got to work, building out a framework and design for Labeltown using WooCommerce as the base engine, making it easy for both visitors and internal staff to search and get answers on specifics regarding Labeltown products.

Key custom functions were implemented to create a hybrid B2C / B2B storefront whereby all products and product information were available to the general public, but tiered pricing could only be accessed by registered authorized distributors – the general public could fill out a form to be contacted by the closest authorized distributor to them.

A detailed quotation system for complex custom products was also delivered.


From initial reachout to new site public launch, Alro delivered in 90 days.

Alro’s services have impacted Labeltown’s customer service by lightening the load and freeing up the frontline staff to be more efficient in other areas and multitask.

The professionalism and prompt support of Alro’s team is also appreciated by Labeltown.

100% Professional

If I haven’t said it enough, thanks again for taking us on and getting this project back on the tracks and seeing it through. We are all extremely pleased.

There is no comparison to what we were going to launch against the platform and vision you provided. 100% professional – looking forward to the next chapter!

Cody Kachmar
General Manager, Labeltown